1.  For Dawn & Dusk
2.  When the sunrises
3.  At the time of Maghrib Azaan
4.  At the time of going to bed
5.  At the time of awakening
6.  To be recited after a frightening dream or any form of disturbance
7.  At the time of entering to toilet
8.  At the time of coming out of the toilet
9.  At the time of beginning of Wudhu (ablution)
10.  After completion of Wudhu (ablution)
11.  While entering mosque
12.  While stepping out of mosque
13.  On hearing Adhan
14.  Between Adhan and Iqaamah
15.  Recited in Ruku
16.  Rising up from Ruku
17.  Recited in Sajdah
18.  Recited between two Sajdah
19.  After end of Salaah
20.  While beginning the Fasting
21.  At the time of breaking fast
22.  At the time of beginning meal
23.  If one forgets to recite dua in the beginning of meal
24.  After finishing meal
25.  Dining at host place
26.  While wearing any thing
27.  While wearing new clothes
28.  While seeing someone with new clothes
29.  While taking of clothes
30.  While in dilemma (Istikharaah)
31.  For greeting the bride and bridegroom
32.  Wedding night
33.  While employing a servent
34.  While sexual intercourse
35.  While ejaculating
36.  While bidding
37.  At the time of riding
38.  On return from journey
39.  While an animal runs loose
40.  While entering a city
41.  While finding accommodation
42.  While donning the ihraam(Talbiyah)
43.  After Talbiyah
44.  During Tawaaf
45.  To be recited after Tawaaf
46.  To be recite in the plain of Arafah
47.  To be reciter after pelting the Jamaraat
48.  While Slaughter the animal
49.  While drinking the water of Zam Zam
50.  While the enemy poses a threat
51.  While entering the house
52.  To be recite when faced with grief,sorrow & apprehension
53.  To be recite when becoming terror-sticken and parnicky
54.  To be recite when any matter becomes difficult
55.  To be recite when repentance to Allah
56.  At the time of draught
57.  To be recite when clouds laden with rain
58.  To be recite when there is fear of too much rain causing disaster
59.  To be recite when the clouds thunder and lighting strike
60.  To be recite at the time of storm or floods
61.  While the Cock crows
62.  While the Donkey brays or Dog barks
63.  While seeing the new Moon
64.  To be recited on Laylatul Qadr
65.  While looking into the mirror
66.  While greeting a muslim
67.  While returing to the greeting
68.  While greeting a non-muslim
69.  While salaam is conveyed
70.  While sneezing
71.  Replying to the person who had sneezed
72.  While seeing a muslim happy and laughing
73.  To be recited if the one who sneeze non-muslim
74.  When someone confers a favour
75.  For barakah and increment in wealth
76.  While in debt or financial difficulty
77.  While evil thoughts come to mind
78.  While witnessing something that is not pleasing
79.  While seeing the first fruit of the season
80.  At the time of anger
81.  While entering the market
82.  While seeing someone in adversity
83.  While something is lost or a worker absconds or animal espaces
84.  While afflicted with Nazr
85.  While someone sustains burns
86.  While unable to pass urine due to stones on the baldder or for any other reason
87.  For the treatment of wound, boil
88.  For any pain in the body
89.  To be recite when pain in eye
90.  For curing fever
91.  While someone is critically ill
92.  While visiting the sick
93.  For Shahaadah or dying in the sacred city of madinah
94.  To be recite at the time of death
95.  While lowering the corpse into the grave
96.  While putting soil over the corpse
97.  After burial
98.  While visiting the graveyard

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