How is the software Mobile Muallim useful?

Salaat/Namaaz is obligatory and Mobile Muallim will help you in determinig the begininng and end times for each salaat/namaaz.

It will guide you to makrooh times, help you keep up with the Hjri calender, read and rememeber duas for this world and the hereafter and be enagged in zikr by using our "tasbee"always be engaged in the remeberance of Allah subhanawatala. It is also very helpfull during travel and a wonderfull application to teach our youth and old alike on the important aspects of leading our daily lives according to the sunnah of our beloved prophet Muhammad salallahu-alai-hiwa-sallam.

How to use tasbeeh?

Select "tasbeeh" from option and choose the count (33/100), then by pressing the center button or 7/9 buttons, the Mobile Muallim tasbee will count and beep when the chosen option is reached

How to use the calculated value of qibla direction?

Place the image in such a direction such that North of the Qibla as displayed in Mobile Muallim is pointing to the magentic north and then follow the direction to Kaaba on the Mobile Muallim application. The calculated angle for india will be in the north of west direction.

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