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Please support our cause by purchasing alazaan softwares. By purchasing you are helping us invest in bringing to you products that will educate, entertain and above all connect us to Allah subhanawatala. Your purchase is greatly appreciated, May Allah subhanwatala bless you with HIS choicest Blessings. Jazak Allahu Khairan.
 Special Offers - Alazaan Bundle #1: Mobile Muallim + Alquraan  - $1.99
“Special Internet Offer for a limited period of time. Contains Awqaat-e-Salaat(Prayer Times), Qibla Direction, Hi’jri Calender, Salaat (Prayers), Dua’s of Prophet Muhammad , Tasbeeh and More….
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Special Offers - Alazaan Bundle #2: Hajj Guide Audio + Alquraan  - $1.99
The Hajj pilgrim coming from a place distant from Mecca, assumes the ihram from the miqat on their way, or from a point parallel to the closest miqat, and starts reciting the talbiyah. In this there is no difference between one performing `Umrah mufradah or any of the three types of Hajj (i.e.tamattu, ifrad, qiran). However, those who live within the haram of Mecca assume ihram from their houses.'
With Hajj Guide Audio you can now learn how to perform Umrah with all its intricate details and finally get to learn the details of performing Hajj now on your phones, more
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Special Offers - Alazaan Bundle #3: Dua's of Prophet Muhammad + Alquraan  - $1.99
“This package includes the Dua's of Prophet Muhammed A dua can change our life, our outlook, and our fate. It is the most potent weapon of a believer. It is our only fortress. Get this now and start enjoying the many benefits this package offers. More..
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 Mobile Muallim Features  
awqaat -e- salaat - included in alazaan Bundle #1
  Daily Salaat Times
 Total Cities
 Holy Cities
Makatul Mukaramah & Madina Munawarah
 Add Custom Cities
 Custom Salaat Times
 Athan Alrets
 Alarm Alrets (Tahajud /Ramadan Suhr & Others)
Qibla Direction - included in alazaan Bundle #1
 Qibla Direction Software
Hijri Calendar - inccuded in alazaan Bundle #1
 Dynamic Hijri Calendar
 Hijri Date Conversion
 Dates of Various important events in Islam
Salaat - included in alazaan Bundle #1
 Requirements before and during Salaat
 Nawafil Salaat
 What Invalidates Salaat
Dua's of Prophet Muhammad ( Saw ) - included in alazaan Bundle #1
 Morning and Evening Duas
 Prayers for this world and Hereafter
 Duas for varoius occasions
 Extras like Ayat-al-kursi,Dua-e-Qunoot
Fundamentals of Islam - included in alazaan Bundle #1
 Prophets mentioned in the Quran
 Allah's Angels
 Books of the Previous Prophets
Tasbeeh - included in alazaan Bundle #1
 Tasbeeh Counter
Alquran - included with alazaan Bundle #1
 Complete Al Quran (114 Surah)
 Surah / Verse Numbers Search
 Easy to navigate to any Surah
 Option to Bookmark
 High quality Audiol
 Hand to Listen and Memorize
Hajj Guide Audio - included with alazaan Bundle #2
 Audio Guide to perform Hajj and Umrah
 Easy to navigate
 High quality Audiol
 Hand to Listen and Memorize
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