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 1  Yahya  Arabic Form Of John.
 2  Yahyah  A Prophet'S Name
 3  Yaman  Proper Name
 4  Ya'qub  Arabic Form Of Jacob
 5  Yasar& Yasser  Wealth& Ease
 6  Yasin& Yaseen  One Of Muhammad'S Names
 7  Yasir/Yaseer  To Be Rich Or To Be Easy
 8  Yazid& Yazeed  God Will Increase
 9  Yousef  Arabic Form Of Joseph
 10  Yunus& Yoonus  A Prophet'S Name
 11  Yushua  Arabic Form Of Joshua
 12  Yushua  God Saves
 13  Yusuf  Arabic Form Of Joseph
 14  Yusuf  A Prophet'S Name (Joseph)


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