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 1  Tahir  Pure& Clean
 2  Talal  Nice& Admirable
 3  Talib  Seeker (Of Truth)
 4  Tamam  Generous
 5  Tamid  Short Form Of The Arabic Name Mu'Tamid, Which Is Perhaps A Variant Of Muhammad
 6  Tamir  One Who Owns Date Palm Trees
 7  Tarek  Anglicized Form Of Tariq.
 8  Tarif& Tareef  Rare& Uncommon
 9  Tariq  Name Of A Star,He Who Pounds At The Door
 10  Tawfiq  Success& Reconciliation,Good Fortune
 11  Taymullah  Servant Of God
 12  Taysir  Facilitation
 13  Tayyib  Good Or Delicate
 14  Thabit  Firm
 15  Thaqib  Shooting Star


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