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 1  Saad  Good Luck
 2  Sabih& Sabeeh  Beautiful
 3  Sabir& Sabeer  Patient
 4  Sa'D  Good Luck
 5  Sa'eed& Sa'id  Happy
 6  Safiy  Best Friend
 7  Safwan  Rocks
 8  Sahir  Wakeful
 9  Sa'Id  Happy
 10  Sajid  One Who Worships God
 11  Sakhr  Solid Rock
 12  Salah  Righteousness
 13  Salah al Din  Righteousness Of The Faith
 14  Saleh  Righteous
 15  Saleh& Salih  Good& Right
 16  Salih  Virtuous
 17  Salim  Safe
 18  Salim& Saleem  Safe& Whole& Flawless
 19  Salman  Safe
 20  Sameer  Companion In Evening Talk
 21  Sameh  Forgiver
 22  Sami  High& Lofty& Exalted
 23  Samir  Companion In Evening Talk
 24  Samir& Sameer  Entertaining Companion
 25  Samman  Grocer
 26  Saqr  Falcon
 27  Sariyah  Clouds At Night
 28  Saud  Fortunate
 29  Sayyid  Master
 30  Seif al Din  Sword Of The Faith
 31  Seif& Sayf  Sword (Of Religion)
 32  Shadi  Singer
 33  Shafiq  Compassionate
 34  Shafiq& Shafeeq  Compassionate& Tender
 35  Shahjahan  King Of The World . This Was The Name Of The 17Th-Century Mogul Emperor Who Built The Taj Mahal.
 36  Shahzad  Prince
 37  Shakir  Thankful
 38  Shaquille  Handsome
 39  Sharif  Eminent, Virtuous
 40  Sharif& Shareef  Honest& Noble& Distinguished
 41  Sher  Lion
 42  Shihab  Flame& Blaze
 43  Shukri  Thanking
 44  Siraj  Lamp& Light
 45  Sofian  Devoted
 46  Sohail  The Second Brightest Star In The Sky
 47  Subhi  Early Morning
 48  Suhail& Suhayl  Gentle& Easy; The Name Of A Star
 49  Suhayb  Of Reddish Hair Or Complexion
 50  Suhayl  The Second Brightest Star In The Sky
 51  Sulaiman& Sulayman  A Prophet'S Name (Solomon)
 52  Süleyman  Süleyman The Magnificent Was A Sultan Of The Ottoman Empire In The 16Th Century.
 53  Su'ud& Suoud  Good Luck


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