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 1  Mahdi  Guided To The Right Path
 2  Mahir  Skilled
 3  Mahmud  Ancient Form Of Muhammad This Was The Name Of The First Muslim Ruler Of India (11Th-Century). Meaning Praiseworthy.
 4  Mahmud& Mahmoud  The Praised One; Variation Of The Name Muhammad
 5  Mahomet  Praiseworthy
 6  Maimun  Lucky
 7  Majdy  Glorious
 8  Majid al Din  Glory Of The Faith
 9  Majid& Majd  Glorious
 10  Makin  Strong& Firm
 11  Makram  Generous Or Noble
 12  Malak  Angel
 13  Malik  Master& Angel& King
 14  Mamdouh  One Who Is Commended& Praised& Glorified
 15  Ma'mun  Trustworthy
 16  Ma'n  Benefit
 17  Mansur  Divinely Aided
 18  Marid  Rebellious
 19  Marzuq  Blessed By God& Fortunate
 20  Mash'al  Torch
 21  Mas'ud  Fortunate& Happy& Lucky
 22  Mas'Ud  Lucky
 23  Mazin  Proper Name
 24  Mihammad  Praiseworthy
 25  Mirza  Prince
 26  Misbah  Lamp
 27  Mis'Id  Lucky
 28  Mohammed  Praised; From Muhammad& Name Of The Prophet (Pbuh)
 29  Mu'adh  Protected
 30  Mu'awiyah  Young Fox (First Umayyad Kalifah)
 31  Mu'ayyad  Supported
 32  Mubarak  Happy& Blessed
 33  Mufid& Mufeed  Useful
 34  Muhsin  Beneficient& Charitable
 35  Muhtadi  Rightly Guided
 36  Mujahid  Fighter (In The Way Of Allah)
 37  Mukhtar  Chosen
 38  Mundhir  Warner& Cautioner
 39  Munir& Muneer  Brilliant& Shining
 40  Muntasir  Victorious
 41  Murtadi& Murtadhy  Satisfied& Content
 42  Musa& Moosa  A Prophet'S Name (Moses)
 43  Mus'ad  Unfettered Camel
 44  Muslim  Submitting Oneself To God
 45  Mustafa  The Chosen One
 46  Muta  Obeyed
 47  Mu'tasim  Adhering (To Faith& To God)
 48  Mu'Tasim  Faithful To God
 49  Mu'tazz  Proud& Mighty
 50  Muti  Obedient
 51  Muwaffaq  Successful


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