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 Sl No
 1  Fadi  Redeemer, Saviour, Generous
 2  Fadil  Generous& Honorable, Virtuous, Generosity
 3  Fadl  Grace
 4  Fahd  Panther
 5  Fahd& Fahad  Lynx
 6  Fahim  Scholar
 7  Faisal& Faysal  Decisive
 8  Faizel  A Judge
 9  Fakhir  Proud& Excellent
 10  Fakhiri& Fakhry  Honorary
 11  Fakhri  Honourary
 12  Fakih  Legal Expert; One Who Recites The Qu'Ran
 13  Farag  Remedy
 14  Faraj  Remedy Or Improvement
 15  Farid& Fareed  Unique
 16  Fariq& Fareeq  Lieutenant General
 17  Faris  Horseman& Knight, Knight
 18  Farooq  Person Who Can Tell Right From Wrong
 19  Farouk  This Was The Name Of The Last King Of Egypt.
 20  Faruq& Farooq  One Who Distinguishes Truth From Falsehood
 21  Fath  Victory
 22  Fathi  Conqueror
 23  Fatin& Fateen  Clever& Smart
 24  Fawwaz  Successful
 25  Fawzi  Triumph
 26  Fayiz  Victor
 27  Faysal  A Judge
 28  Feroze  Successful
 29  Ferran  Baker
 30  Fida  Redemption& Sacrifice
 31  Fihr  Stone Pestle
 32  Firas  Perspicacity
 33  Firdaus,Firdos  Paradise
 34  Firoz  Successful
 35  Fouad  Heart
 36  Fuad  Heart
 37  Fudail  Excellent In Character


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