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 1  Aban  Old Arabic Name
 2  Abbas  Description Of A Lion (Muhammad'S Uncle)
 3  Abbud  Worshipper
 4  Abbudin  Worshippers
 5  Abdul - Aziz  Servant Of The Powerful One
 6  Abdul& Abdel  Servant (Of Allah)
 7  Abdul-Alim  Servant Of The Omniscient
 8  Abdul-Aliyy  Servant Of The Most High
 9  Abdul-Azim  Servant Of The Mighty
 10  Abdul-Bari  Servant Of The Creator
 11  Abdul-Basit  Servant Of The Extender
 12  Abdul-Fattah  Servant Of The Opener (Of The Gates Of Sustenance)
 13  Abdul-Ghaffar& Abdul-Ghafur  Servant Of The Forgiver
 14  Abdul-Hadi  Servant Of The Guide
 15  Abdul-Hafiz  Servant Of The Protector
 16  Abdul-Hakam  Servant Of The Arbitrator
 17  Abdul-Hakim  Servant Of The Wise One
 18  Abdul-Halim  Servant Of The Mild& Patient One
 19  Abdul-Hamid  Servant Of The Praised One
 20  Abdul-Haqq  Servant Of The Truth
 21  Abdul-Hasib  Servant Of The Respected& Esteemed
 22  Abdul-Jabbar  Servant Of The Mighty
 23  Abdul-Jalil  Servant Of The Great& Revered One
 24  Abdul-Karim  Servant Of The Noble& Generous One
 25  Abdul-Khaliq  Servant Of The Creator
 26  Abdullah  Servant Of God
 27  Abdul-Latif  Servant Of The Kind One
 28  Abdul-Majid  Servant Of The Glorious One
 29  Abdul-Malik  Servant Of The Master (Or King)
 30  Abdul-Matin  Servant Of The Firm& Strong
 31  Abdul-Muhaimin  Servant Of The Supervising& The Guardian& The Protector
 32  Abdul-Mu'izz  Servant Of The Giver Of Might And Glory
 33  Abdul-Mujib  Servant Of The Responder
 34  Abdul-Muta'al  Servant Of The Most High
 35  Abdul-Muttalib  
 36  Abdul-Nasir  Servant Of The Helper& Protector
 37  Abdul-Nasser  Servant Of The Victorious One
 38  Abdul-Qadir  Servant Of The Capable& Powerful
 39  Abdul-Qahhar  Servant Of The Subduer& The Almighty
 40  Abdul-Quddus  Servant Of The Most Holy
 41  Abdul-Rafi  Servant Of The One Who Raises& Elevates (Intellect& Esteem)
 42  Abdul-Rahim  Servant Of The Most Compassionate One
 43  Abdul-Rahman  Servant Of The Merciful One
 44  Abdul-Rahman  Servant Of The Merciful One
 45  Abdul-Rashid  Servant Of The Rightly Guided One
 46  Abdul-Ra'uf  Servant Of The Most Merciful
 47  Abdul-Razzaq  Servant Of The Maintainer& The Provider
 48  Abdul-Sabur  Servant Of The Patient
 49  Abdul-Salam  Servant Of The Peace
 50  Abdul-Samad  Servant Of The Eternal
 51  Abdul-Sami  Servant Of The All-Hearing
 52  Abdul-Shakur  Servant Of The Most Thankful
 53  Abdul-Tawwab  Servant Of The Forgiver
 54  Abdul-Wadud  Servant Of The Loving
 55  Abdul-Wahhab  Servant Of The Giver
 56  Abdul-Wahid  Servant Of The One
 57  Abraha  
 58  Abu al Khayr  One Who Does Good
 59  Abu Bakr  Name Of One Of Muhammad'S Companions
 60  Adel  Justice
 61  Adham  Black
 62  Adil  Justice
 63  Adnan  Proper Name
 64  Afif& Afeef  Chaste& Modest
 65  Ahmad& Ahmed  Most Highly Adored& Or Most Praised; Variation Of The Name Muhammad
 66  Ahmed  Commendable
 67  Akeem  Wise
 68  Akil  Intelligent& Thoughtful& One Who Uses Reason
 69  Akram  Most Generous
 70  Ala'  Nobility
 71  Aladdin& Ala' al din  Nobility Of Faith
 72  Ali  Lofty Or Sublime
 73  Ali& Aliyy  The Highest& Greatest& Excellent& Noble
 74  Alim  Wise Or Learned
 75  Altair  The Flying Eagle; Also Refers To A First Magnitude Star In The Constellation Lyra
 76  Amid  General
 77  Amin  Truthful
 78  Amin& Ameen  Faithful& Trustworthy
 79  Amir  Prince Or Commander
 80  Amir& Ameer  Prince
 81  Amjad  More Glorious
 82  Ammar  Builder& Constructor
 83  Amr  Old Arabic Name
 84  Anas  Either Friendly Or A Group Of People
 85  Anass  Friendly
 86  Anbar  
 87  Anis  Close Friend
 88  Anwar  Light,Brighter
 89  Anwer  Bright
 90  Arfan  Gratitude
 91  Arif  Corporal; Aquainted& Knowledgable
 92  Asad  Lion
 93  As'Ad  Luckier
 94  Asadel  Most Prosperous One
 95  Ashraf  Most Honorable
 96  Asif  Forgiveness Asim& Protector& Defender
 97  Aswad  Black
 98  Ata  Gift
 99  Atif  Compassionate& Sympathetic
 100  Awad  Reward& Compensation
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