1 Help for installation?

    2 Help for alazaan application usage?

    1. Help for installation?
    alazaan is basically design for the calculation of Salaat times for muslims all over India. The calculations are done on the latitude and longitude of each city. Alazaan gives you the accurate time and alerts on the phone at the Salaat time.

    Important Points

    1) The aplication is supported for java enabled phones only.
    2) It works on palm,BlackBerry,PDA
    3) Alerts works if the set has the feature of alerting the background application

    Types Of Phones

    Phones are usaully classified into
    CLDC 1.0/MIDP 2.0
    CLDC 1.1/MIDP2.0
    Make Sure that you have xxxkb of memory in your phone.
    After downloading the file on your PC transfer jad/jar files using cable or bluetooth.
    If you have the idea about CLDC transfer that particular jad/jar on your set.
    If the resolution of screen is too small,you may not see complete image.

    Transferring Files
    2.How to find and set the application to my city?

    From Options -> Settings ->Select City then type your city name in City text box and click search button, you will get cities listed in that list then scroll to your desired city and select it.

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